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One of the responsibilities of the Brown County Historical Commission is to keep up with all the cemeteries in the county, some 51 of them.  With the help of the Brown County Historical Society, they inventory and record who is in the cemeteries, encourage Historical Texas Cemetery markers be applied for and placed in the cemetery.  Four cemeteries in Brown County are now designed as Historical Texas Cemeteries.  They are:  Eureka Cemetery, Staley Cemetery, Windham Cemetery and Zephyr Cemetery.

The folowing books, sold by the Brown County Historical Society, lists the people who are buried in these cemeteries.  They are:

 - "Rural Cemetery Inscriptions of Brown County," by: Hazel Ellis Wetzel.  Price $25.00 plus tax and mailing fee.
 - "Rural Cemetery Inscriptions."  Supplement includes 51 rural cemeteries updated 1970 - Feb. 2002 Now available.  Price: $25.00 plus tax and mailing fee.
-  "Eastlawn Memorial Park, Early, Texas."  Recorded over 4,000 tombstone inscriptions.   Surnames listed alphabetically with location of graves.  Complied by BCHS Members.  Price $20.00 plus tax and mailing fee.  Deaths began in 1951 through Feb. 28, 2001. 
- "Zephyr Cemetery Survey Book" - Compiled by local Zephyr Club members.  Price $15.00 plus tax and mailing fee.  Indexed by surnames and maiden  names cross-referenced to married names. 1455 deceased names listed with years of birth & death. UPDATED June 20, 2004 
- "Salem Cemetery, Brown County, Texas."  History and Alphabetical Listing of persons buried.  Price $15.00 plus mailing fee. 
- "Fairview Cemetery, Grosvenor, TX,"  History compiled by Velma Martin, plus a 14-page Cemetery Plat.  Alphabetical INDEX DATED 8-30-04, listing known deceased from 1878.  Price $20,00 or separately $10.00 each, plus mailing fee. 
- "Buffalo-Ebony Cemetery, Mills County,"  8 1/2 x 11" Booklet, 62 pages, printed August 1991.,burial list up-dated September 10, 2002.  Price $10.00 plus mailing fee. 

"HM" - Historical Cemetery Marker at or near Cemetery
Acrey-Kesler Cemetery Lewis Family Cemetery
Amity Cemetery Lost Creek Cemetery (HM)
Anticoh Cemetery (HM) Loving Family Cemetery
Bangs Cemetery Macedonia (or Weeden) Cemetery
Beaird Cemetery Mann Cemetery
Blake Cemetery May Cemetery
Blanket Cemetery McDaniel Cemetery
Brooks Lee Cemetery Moro Cemetery
Brown Family Cemetery Mukewater Cemetery
Carr-Smith Cemetery Mud Creek (or Thrifty) Cemetery (HM)
Cedar Point Cemetery Pleasant Valley Cemetery
Clear Creek Cemetery Rice Cemetery
Connell Cemetery (HM) Roberts (Baugh) Cemetery
Cross Cut Cemetery (HM) Rock Church (or Logan Valley) Cemetery
Elkins Cemetery (HM) Rocky Creek Cemetery (HM)
Eureka Cemetery (HM) Routh Cemetery
Fairview Cemetery (HM) Salem Cemetery (HM)
Gentry Cemetery Salt Creek Cemetery
Greenleaf Cemetery Smith Cemetery (HM)
Heflin Cemetery (HM) Staley Cemetery (HM)
Henson Cemetery Trickham Cemetery (Coleman County) (HM)
Indian Creek Cemetery Winchell Cemetery
Jenkins-Springs Cemetery Windham Cemetery (HM)
Jones Chapel Cemetery Wolf Valley Cemetery (HM)
Jordan Springs Cemetery Zephyr Cemetery (HM)

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