Roberts Cemetery
(Baugh Cemetery)

Burial Records

The list of people buried in this cemetery shows that it has the oldest grave in Brown County, Texas.

Roberts Cemetery is located on Leonard's Pecan Farm, seven miles north of Brownwood, Texas, in Brown County, on F M 2125.  Tradition says, eleven People buried in this cemetery, were murdered or died a violent death.

Some murders were during the wire cutting war of Brown County in the years 1883-1888. This was because the fenced pastures hurt the cattlemen. They did not own land, but were running herds on the open pastures. These ranchers needed grasslands and water for their herds. The war over fenced pastures were during droughts times. A gang was formed to cut fences of barbed wire. These two men lost their lives in this war, Jim Level and Amos Robert.

There is so much history in this cemetery.  There is a Civil War Veteran, Wiley Robbins, born 1836 in Texas.  He died in 1886.  He was the son of George Robbins and Cynthia Ann Robbins.  Wiley was 1 St. LT. Co. G, 7 th. Texas Calvery.  He served in New Mexico, Louisiana, and Texas.  He was married to Mary J. Jones, born 1843, GA., died July 28, 1932, Texas City, TX .  Four or Five years ago , Pattie Mauldin from Bastrop, TX., researched and arranged for the Government to place a tombstone on his grave.  She had this done for her father-in-law, Rupert Mauldin of Zephur, who was a descendent of Wiley Robbins .

The local people are trying to organize a cemetery association from the relatives of people buried in the cemetery.  One can contact Mr. Homer Purcell, Rt. 1 Box 348-1, Bangs, TX 76823, 915/752-6950 for more information.

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