The first marked grave in the Blanket Cemetery is that of Olive Claude Anderson. Son of Mr. Pink and Sarah Anderson. Dated February 27, 1878. Mr. Pink Anderson owned this property at the time of his sons death.. Later sold and then "purchased by Clifford Smith, Pink Anderson, W. A. Routh, Zachary Blanton, and others for the purpose of a cemetery, to be known as the "Blanket Cemetery".  Volume 62, page 194 of the Deed Records of Brown County. Deed is dated, May 09 1901.  This includes four and one-fourth acres out of the Matilda Cherry Headright. Survey 25, Abt #176.  Then in 1982 Mr. M. A. Richmond gave additional 2.69 acres to enlarge the Cemetery.

The Blanket Cemetery is very well maintained. It has a very active Cemetery Association.  This Cemetery was first surveyed by Mrs. Hazel Wetzel. She completed it in June 1979.  Jim and Georgia Rodgers updated the Cemetery in October 2001.

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