In May 1884, a few acres were set aside for a cemetery.  Already two deaths were recorded in the Cemetery. That being Mr. J. H. McPeeters, July 18 1879 and Mr. Martin Shelby Byrd, (owner of the Byrd's Store), died December 12, 1879.   The Byrd family moved to Brown County in 1866, from Missouri.  Martin Byrd first started his Trading Post some miles north of the present day store on the Red River.  He then moved it to the north bank of the Pecan Bayou.  He later became the postmaster for Byrds, Texas.  The Post Office was first established November 6, 1877 and he served until his death.

Some of the families living in the area were the Windhams, Cox, McInnis, Byrds, Lewis, Smith, Waiters, Furry, Anderson, Thompsons and Goddards.  In May 1884, F. M. Sanson gave land to a County Judge of Brown County for the Cemetery.  Later in December 1909, the same plot of land became a part of the Sam B Windharn land. The Windhams family gave the plot of land for the Cemetery, therefore, the name of "Windham.      

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