May Cemetery

Very little is known of the settling of May community until the 1870's when the Mays, Medcalf, Grays, Brewers, Cunninghams, Brooks and Ford families settled here. The Spence family settled in May 1874, and the Wheelers family in 1876. Mr. J. B. Ford founded the first business in May 1878. He had a blacksmith shop in his cellar which later grew into a garage. In 1879 Nathan Lumpkin May, for whom the town is named, started a small trading post. The first post office was established in November 1881.

The first person to be buried in the May Cemetery is that of Mary Owen, dated May 19 1884. This is a very well maintained cemetery, and has a active group in the Association. The deed to this property is recorded in the Brown County Clerk's office.  Abst number 102, Survey 3 - BBB & CRR and in Vol. 519, pg. 10. This Cemetery was first surveyed by Mrs. Hazel Wetzel in May 1972 and was updated in November 2001, by Jim and Georgia Rodgers.

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