Henson Cemetery

This Cemetery is located east of Blanket, Texas. Take US Highway 377 east, to CR 321,  for about one and half miles. Turn right onto CR 284, then left onto CR 323 for one-half mile. The Cemetery is on the left, in an empty field.  This is on private property and cannot be seen from the road. You will need to obtain permission to see the Cemetery.

This Cemetery, at one time, was on the road, and contained 21 graves, but after the property was sold, it became a pasture. Some of Townsend relatatives installed a chain link fence around the Henson graves.  The remainding graves have been lost, The oldest graves is that of Mr John M. Henson, in the year of 1893.  At the time of his.death, this property  belonged to Mr. Henson. The above information was provided to the Historical Society by Mrs. Lilas Townsend and her daughter, Mrs. Joyce Townsend Smith.  This was surveyed in August 2000.

A single grave site in this same area.is that of a Mr. John Franks.  This is on private property and has no acess.  Take US Highway 377 east, to CR 321. Turn right, then left onto CR 284, then right onto CR 323.  Continue down this road for about two and half miles. A single grave on top of hill is that of Mr. Franks.  This information is also provided by Mrs. Lilas Tounsend and Ilrs. Joyce Townsend Smith.

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