Blake Cemetery

The cemetery was named for George Blakely Jones.    Blake died of a heart attack while gathering firewood on January 29, 1929.   The photo to your right is that of George Blakely Jones.

George Blakely JonesIt has been said that the present location of the Blake Community is the same location of the earlier Hog Valley Community.   Blake's father, Charles Washington Jones, applied for the Post Office, using his children's names. The United Postal Service chose the name of "Blake."  The first post office was established in great-grandfather Isaac Jones's home. Later it was moved to a little store close to the Densman's Gin.  The store was named "Toad Luck Store." Since that time, it has been known as the Blake Community.

The Cemetery was in use prior to 1901 and continues to the present day. The Cemetery Association was formed in 1903. Charter for the Association was first established by Abe Donica, J. M. Metcalf, and J. A. Smith.  The first elected officials were J. H. Allen,  A. Leatherwood, and W. S. McClanahan.

This property is recorded in the Brown County Clerk's Office.  Abstract number 241, Survey 789, Juan Delgado, includes 2.953 acres, and 932, Hog Valley Missionary Baptist Church, two acres.

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