Trickham Cemetery
Tricicham started as a trading post and bar, in the late 1850's. Today it is nothing more than a church building and two very old cemeteries.  The famous John S. Chisum owned several thousand head of cattle, which ranged from southwestern Brown County, through Coleman County to the Concho River. Chisum's headquarters were located near what is now known as Trickham. This area developed as a need to stop and water the herds on their drives north.  Thus the stop on theMukewater Creek for both the cattle and men.

There are several unidentified graves near the original town site.  These were mostly law enforcement individuals, and some others were lost to Indians raids.  The Library of Congress states that two soldiers were drowned in the Mukewater Creek, during the late 1857's, when Camp Colorado was located nearby. Part of this information and photographs of all of the Markers were granted by the Coleman County Historical Comission, for which ue are very grateful.

From Brownwood take US 377 south. At about three miles turn onto FM 1176 for a distance of fifteen miles. At mileage nurmber fourteen, you will cross the Coleman-Brown County road marker. One mile to the Trickham Church and the junction of Coleman CR 216. Turn left to the cemetery .

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