This valley was settled in the 1860's.  Most of the residents left their home states (southern), and traveled together until they found this small hill, overlooking a green valley.  Mr. Robert Porter, a long time resident, is of the opinion that when they were scouting the area, they found a great many wolves in the immediate vicinity. Consequently the name Wolf Valley.

The church building was constructed here in 1887 for the use of the Baptist, Methodist, and Presbyterian congregations, as well as the local school.  Ten acres was sold to the school trustees "for school, church, and graveyard, and when said lands are abandoned as school and church purposes, the whole is to be used for graveyard purposes."  The Cemetery was formally set aside in 1902, when trustees A. E. Bailey, A. W. Hardy, and J.  W. Spence bought the original tract Eom the D. M. Davidson family.  Recorded in Vol. 64, page 154, Brown County Courthouse.  Filed March 15 1902.

This Cemetery was first surveyed June 1872 by Mrs. Hazel Wetzel and updated by Jim and Georgia Rodgers on October 22 2001.   From Brownwood take Highway 183 north, traveling thorough May, TX to CR 492. Turn left to
the church building. Cemetery is behind the church. 

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