Rocky Creek Cemetery
"Rocky Creek Cemetery", derived its name from a near-by stream, which empties into Lake Brownwood.

The Cemetery land was donated by the Cason Family, to be used as a church and a cemetery.  The Cason Family owned  the acreage surrounding the Cemetery.  The first person to be buried in here, was Mr. B. J. Collier. He was one of the founders of both the Church and the Cemetery.  He had traveled, in 1877 to Round Rock, Texas, to purchase a wagon load of lumber to use in building the Church building. On his return trip a hard, cold rain began.  Traveling by open wagon , he suffered the consequences of that severe weather.  As a result, he became ill, and died of pneumonia. He was born on December 3, 1819, and died December 3, 1877.

From Brownwood take US 279 north for about seven miles to the Rocky Creek Church. You can see the church from the road. The cemetery is located immediately behind the church building.

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