Historical Markers
Brown County
| How to obtain a Historical Marker or Designation |
Historical markers and monuments designations are tools that are used to  interpret, promote and protect historic and cultural resources that are worthy of preservation. Through the designation  process, properties important to Brown County are marked for the education and enjoyment of citizens and visitors alike.  We  have listed the many markers and monuments we have here in Brown County. 
36th Infantry Division
Adams-Shaw House
Amity Cemetery
Antioch Cemetery
Bangs Cemetery
Bangs Public School
Ben Lednicky Park
Brooke Smith
Brown County 
Brown County Jail 
Brownwood Santa Fe Passenger Depot
Camp Bowie 
Camp Collier
Captain Weston Lafayette Williams
Charlie Webb and John Wesley Hardin
C. H. Bencci-Harrison Home
City of Brownwood 
City of Trickham
Coggin Academy-McClelland Library
Coggin and Parks Building
Confederate States of America
Cross Cut Cemetery
Connell Cemetery
Courthouses of Brown County
Daniel Baker College
Elkins Cemetery
Eureke Cemetery 
Fairview Cemetery 
First Baptist Church of Bangs
First Baptist Church of Zephyr
Greenleaf Fisk
Hardin School
Heflin Cemetery
Henry Ford
Harvey House
Howard Payne University
Howard Payne Old Main Tower
J. A. Walker House
John Gaitha Browning
John Wesley Malone Home
Katherine Ann Porter
Lee Chapel A.M.E. Church
Lost Creek Cemetery
Lovell-Dobbs House
May United Methodist Church
Mollie Armstrong
Mud Creek Cemetery
Mullins Heritage Park
Noah Turner Byars
Old Gray Mare Band
Paula Paula
Prisoners of War Camp Bowie
R. B. Rogers House
Robert E. Howard 
Rocky Creek Baptist Church
The May Community
Santa Fe Depot
Smith Cemetery
St. John's Episcopal Church
Staley Cemetery
Swinden Parks Building
Swinden Pecan Orchard
The Rev. Dr. John David Robnett
Veda Wells Hodge
Vietnam Memorial
Walter U. Early
Welcome William Chandler
William Franklin Brown
Windham Cemetery
Wolf Valley Cemetery
World War I Memorial Monument
Zephyr Cemetery
Zephyr Presbyterian Church
Zephyr Gospel Tabernacle

Updated: April 22, 2013
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