Location:  .5 mi. SE at intersection of US 84/183 & CR 259
Zephyr Cemetery

   The unincorporated town of Zephyr, located on land granted to early settler Benjamin Head and Felix Wardziski, was established in the 1860's.  As the settlement grew, a school was opened in the 1870's, and churches and businesses were established.  Mail was delivered weekly from Brownwood.
   This cemetery has served the residents of Zephyr and the surrounding area since the 1870's.  The earliest known burials in the graveyard are those of three children of the Staggs family, who died in 1878 and 1879.  Another early grave is that of Ann Catherine Sewell Ward (1843-1879).
   The first official deed of cemetery property took place in 1899, although it was in use prior to that time.  Subsequent land acquisitions have increased the size of the graveyard to more than seven acres.
   Among those buried here are thirty-three victims of the devastating tornado of May 29, 1909, which almost completely destroyed the town, and veterans of six wars: the Mexican War, the Civil War, World War I, World War Ii, Korea, and Vietnam.
   The Zephyr cemetery stands as a reminder of the pioneer spirit of the area's early settlers.  It is maintained b y the Zephyr Cemetery Association.

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