Photos of Camp Bowie
Recently a small photo album was found in the attic of a home in Brownwood that was being remodeled. The album, 4 1/2" by 6" had a blue leather cover and was bound together with a leather strip.  In the album were several pages of printed photos taken at Camp Bowie during World War II when it was an active training center. Here are the pictures found in the album.

The first page was in color.
This is the main entrance to Camp Bowie, known as Gate 1.  The Gate 1 Motor Inn is now at this location, 4410 Hwy. 377 South.
This is the Headquarters Building.
 Camp Bowie Field House
Camp Bowie Bowling Alley

This is one of the base chapels.  Sign in
front says Chapel No. 1
Entrance to Swimming Pool
Swimming Pool and Hospital.  The pool is still in use today by the City of Brownwood.

Camp Bowie Military Police
Camp Commander Frank E. Bonney is shown testing an army amphibian jeep.

A Swimming Demonstration in Lake Brownwood
Tanks in review at Camp Bowie
Tank used in training program at
Camp Bowie
Vehicles in Review at Camp Bowie
Airplanes Stationed at Camp Bowie

A Jeep Crossing a Bridgeless Chasm
Demonstrating the Mysteries of Judo.
Chow Time Under Difficult Conditions
Field Artillery in Action
Field Artillery in Action
Field Artillery in Action. 
Camp Bowie Historical Marker
History of Camp Bowie
36th Infantry Division
Camp Bowie in the Handbook of Texas

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