Pioneering Families Program
of Brown County

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The Brown County Historical Commission issues a certificate to descendants of pioneer families who settled in Brown County prior to 1920.   Jerry Spain,  former Vice Chairman of the Historical Commission, stated that 1857 is the earliest settlement recording that has been turned in for this certificate.  By then, Texas was a state in the United States.  But one Texas history source said that veterans who fought for Texas' independence from Mexico in 1836 were given deeds to land in Brown County.  The program is designed to honor the early settlers of Brown County in Texas.

To be eligible for a certificate, a descendant needs to prove family lineage or bloodline and prove that the ancestor did own or purchase property in Brown County.  Those who can prove their ancestors settled in Brown County prior to December 31, 1920 qualify for the certificate.

A person would need to show his or her birth certificate, which would list the parents, and work back from there.  A copy of a deed or a census record is needed to prove residence.  Copies of documents would suffice, originals are not required.  Applications are available by contacting Wanda Ferguson at

You can now download a copy of the Pioneer Family Application by clicking HERE.  You will need Adobe Acrobat program in order to read the application and print it out.  If you do not have Adobe Acrobat on your computer, you can download a free program at:  Acrobat Reader

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