Brownwood Rodeo!
Photos taken by Taylor - Daniel Studios
July 21-24, 1920
Riding Bramer Steer - July 1920 A Pitching Broncho at Rodeo - July 1920
Kid Eagan in Feature Act - Picking cigarette from ground with spinning rope. - July 1920 E. H. Alvoid from Baird, TX on Montana Ball - July 1920
Kid Eagan "Skipping The Rope" - July 1920 Hank Potts Trick Riding - July 1920
Wildcat Bill from Wyoming on "Hell-to-Set"
- July 1920
Miss Curley Seale on a Pitching Steer - July 1920
This photo courtesy of Christy Cutbirth Westell

We thank Pauline Hochhalter for providing the Brownwood Museum with these photos obtained from her uncle Ralph White, deceased.

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